Fast Charging Electric Socket

Fast Charging Electric Socket

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4.5/5Overall Score
  • 3 Three Universal Sockets And 4 Two Pin Sockets:
  • Length Of The Wire Is 4 Yard (12 Feet):
  • 2 Fast Charging USB Ports:
  • The Board Is Made Up Of Good Quality Plastic.:
  • The Board Contains Three Core Wiring To Provide Earthing And Prevents Shocks.:
  • You can your laptop and my phone together.
  • The cord length is good.
  • The length of the wire provided is good and several devices can be charged using USB port simultaneously. Value for money product.
  • All slots are perfect fit.
  • Sometime USB port does not give fast charging.

7 socket multiplugs

This multiplug switchboard by Brillar has 5 sockets and 2 USB ports. There is only one switch in the middle for all 7 sockets to give easy on/off access without confusion. The board is fabricated with high-quality material.

Perfect for light appliances

This switchboard is ideally made to suit the light appliances only. It can hold up to 1000 watts as a total load on all three sockets. It is not suitable for heavy appliances like an oven, fridge, iron, geyser, etc.

Attached with a protection fuse for an indication and LED indicators for extra safety, this portable switchboard is useful for universal adaptors that work up to a 6 AMP rating.

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