Car Portable fridge

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4.8/5Overall Score
  • Pre-cool the drinks in the home refrigerator for best effect and result:
  • Environment-friendly Peltier cooling system:
  • Hot/Cold, On/Off switch, red/green LED indicating warming or cooling.:
  • Cooling Capacity: Approx. 15℃-18℃ below ambient temperature. Warming Capacity:Approx 50℃-60℃ by set point thermostate:
  • Runs on 12V DC and 220V AC Power, can be used both in your vehicle and home:
  • Ideal for vehicles, hotels, homes, farmhouse, parties, offices, clinics etc.:
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • Good space, bulit quality Excellent. very steady.
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BLACK+DECKER manufactures high-quality power tools and hand tools, that are engineered to make operation easier and efficient. This DC and AC-operated, portable automotive cooler and warmer is designed with high-density plastic material for rugged use. It is engineered to provide an optimum cooling temperature ranging between 15-18 degrees. It also offers a hot temperature of up to 50-60 degrees, which is ideal for storing beverages.

Thermoelectric Refrigerator

The compact thermoelectric refrigerator is a portable car cooler & warmer, which lets you enjoy beverages on the go. This portable refrigerator can be used to store beverages in order to keep them cold or warm during an excursion or long drive. Users need to pre-cool drinks in the home refrigerator for best effect and result.

Multiple Power Source Operation

This modern appliance can be operated using a 12V DC source or 220V AC current. It can be connected to car cigarette lighter sockets. The appliance is engineered to provide efficient performance and reliability.

24L Capacity

The refrigerator has a 24 Litre large tank capacity which enables the user to store bottles, coffee cups, packed foods, and more. It provides optimum storage space for all your beverages.

Robust Construction

This thermoelectric refrigerator is manufactured with high-density plastic material. It is ergonomically designed with robust construction. The shock-proof body can absorb light impacts.

LED Indicators

This refrigerator has a Peltier cooling system. It features red and green LED indicating lights for warming and cooling. It comes with hot/cold and on/off switches, that are designed for convenient usage.

Wide Handle Support in Car Portable fridge

The portable appliance has a wide handlebar which enables the user to carry it without any inconvenience. This foldable handle provides comfortable hand support while carrying the unit at its full capacity.

Zipped Pockets

The rugged refrigerator has three zippered pockets for added convenience. These pockets contain plugs and adaptors for power sources. They can also be used for storing essential belongings.

Versatile Applications of Car Portable fridge

The compact refrigerator can be used inside automobiles/cars, hotels, homes, parties, offices, picnics, and more. It provides a convenient solution to sip your preferred beverage wherever you desire.

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